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Rust Revenge replaces Evapo Rust

We were informed by our long-term supplier that Evapo Rust is unfortunately no longer available for Europe.
At the same time, they introduced a successor product called Rust Revenge in Europe, which, like its predecessor, is a pH-neutral, label-free rust remover / immersion scaler.

Rust Revenge is now available from us.

Cooperation with Sea Shepherd

After a long time in port due to COVID-19, the BOB BARKER and the SAM SIMON left in mid-July and are again on patrol in the waters off Africa to continue to take action against illegal fishing.

Once again we donated Simple Green products so that the ships can always start their mission cleanly.

We wish you a good trip at all times.


Sea Shepherd’s Mission

Sea Shepherd is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the marine environment
Wildlife. Our mission is to end the destruction of habitats and the slaughter of animals in the world’s oceans in order to protect and preserve ecosystems and species in the long term.

We made it

Thanks to the help of the company Webtonia GmbH from Siegburg, our website finally shines in a new splendor. This project took us a few weeks but we think you can see the result. Not only have we redesigned the website, but the shop has also received new software. Our goal was to increase the clarity, to make the topics that are being searched for more easily accessible and to make the shop simpler. In our opinion, we have come a lot closer to this goal and look forward to the future.

Your ExTrade team

Removable spray films

We have been asked again and again by our customers whether we know something with which the paint booth can simply be protected from overspray or materials / objects from mechanical damage. Always with the background that this protection must be easy to remove if necessary. We searched the market and found what we were looking for in an industry that we did not spontaneously look for.

Boat building has exactly these requirements and already has a solution for them. Sprayable films that can be removed from the surface after curing.

These are used on boats to protect the superstructure during the interior work or afterwards during the transfer. Of course, there is not just one type of film so that we can now offer films with UV protection and color for objects that are outside, transparent films with and without UV protection for protecting window fronts, films for redesigning objects with colors and protective films for paint booths.