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Foam Cleaning

Citro 2000

Citro2000 is a concentrated cleaner whose special surfactants enable a particularly firm and well-adhering foam. Citro2000 can be used both for pre-foaming the surfaces and for normal cleaning with a cloth and brush, or in a high-pressure cleaner. The user-friendly and material-friendly formulation enables use on all waterproof surfaces and problem-free use in high-pressure cleaners, as no sensitive materials such as rubber or plastic are damaged.

High-pressure cleaner with foam attachment or foam lance

If properly equipped, high-pressure cleaners can be optimally used for large-area foam application. In principle, almost all existing industrial high-pressure devices can be retrofitted with these foam systems with the help of adapters, regardless of the manufacturer.

There are alternative options here:
1. A 1-2L chemical container is installed behind the high-pressure gun, which mixes the cleaning concentrate with the high-pressure jet and sprays it via its own foam nozzle. A simple method to medium-sized areas. Switching to the high-pressure washing lance is easy thanks to the quick-release fastener.
2. For large areas there is a possibility of application without quantity limitation. For this purpose, a T-piece with a stainless steel injector is mounted at the high-pressure device outlet, which takes over the easily controllable detergent dosage for foaming.
3. The normal high-pressure lance is connected to output 1 of the T-piece.
4. A second high-pressure hose is connected to outlet 2 of the T-piece, to which either a high-performance foam lance for non-contact foaming or a foam lance with a “foaming” washing brush placed in front of it with surface contact is mounted.
5. In both cases, the cleaning of the soiled surfaces can be supported with brushes or microfiber pads as required.