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Airplane cleaning with Simple Green products

Aircraft exterior cleaning with Extreme Simple Green

A cleaner that is used on the outer skin of an aircraft must be able to meet several requirements at the same time. On the one hand, it has to remove the stubborn dirt on the nose, belly and wing edges without damaging the surfaces or triggering corrosion and at the same time being able to be used safely on all materials. Extreme Simple Green has proven its suitability for these requirements in many independent tests.

The Extreme Simple Green aircraft cleaner can be used in many ways:
Manual application – with a spray bottle and rag, spray applications with low and medium pressure, to large-area foam applications with special lances.

The use of the oil separator is confirmed by the Ö-Norm test.
Special approval for use on all military aircraft of the Bundeswehr. NATO listed.
Further tests / approvals from Boeing, Pilatus, Cessna, etc.

Aircraft interior cleaning and carpet cleaning

When cleaning the interior, the cleaner must meet a number of additional material requirements. Here, too, Extreme Simple Green has passed the required application tests and can be used in the interior on “Transparent Plastics”, “Painted Interior Surfaces”, “Unpainted Interior Surfaces”. He is also approved for cleaning aircraft carpets. Surface cleaning and spot cleaning by hand with a spray bottle and cloths, carpet cleaning over a large area with a spray / extraction device.

Hangar and floor cleaning

High demands are also placed on the cleaner when cleaning hangar floors. What happens if an aircraft tire is in a puddle with a highly alkaline cleaner? Depending on the product, the tire is chemically attacked and its resilience suffers. The consequences…? Even apparently simple applications require qualified cleaners in this environment. The cleaners Simple Green Mint and Simple Green Lemon have been in use for years. These are suitable for use with a mop as well as with roughing suction machines. These cleaners are also NATO listed.

MRO - Extreme Simple Green applications

Maintenance of aircraft is particularly about material compatibility in accordance with the specifications of the aviation industry and high application efficiency. Approvals for example from: “Roll Royce Aircraft Engines”, “Pratt & Whitney”, Honeywell, etc. Applications: manual, ultrasonic, dipping basin, parts cleaning, high pressure cleaning

Fire engines and medical services

After each use, the readiness of people and material must be restored as quickly as possible in both areas. Absolute cleanliness and hygiene are particularly important in the medical service. In the vehicle, however, it often happens that things get dirty. Dirt, dried blood and other protein-containing residues are sometimes difficult to remove. Crystal Simple Green has been tested by emergency services for these tasks and is particularly suitable for removing this residue from belts, splints and stretchers. The surface prepared in this way can then be disinfected in accordance with the regulations. Emergency vehicles, as well as fire engines and their equipment, can be cleaned inside and outside with the same product. The cleaner can be rinsed off residue-free with all applications with the loosened dirt.

Vehicle fleets: tankers, buses, winter services, among others, trucks, tractors and other special vehicles. Equipment: lifters, luggage belts, boarding bridges, stairs, etc.

Vehicle fleets in the area of an airport are not subject to the same requirements as the aircraft themselves. However, they often have similar levels of pollution. The removal of kerosene, deicing agent, oil and dirt and winter service residues are typical tasks depending on the season. Simple Green cleaners have been tested for use on the oil separator in accordance with Ö-Norm and are safe in every water treatment system. You only need one product for manual applications or for use in high-pressure cleaners or with foam lances.