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Our Aspiration

While delivering to the technical distributors and our regular customers has been routine for many years, projects in the production of various industrial sectors and especially surface technology are often quite challenging. But, we gladly accept these challenges. We consider your task as an overall concept and make your problems our own, whether it is hazardous substance substitution, occupational safety or fluctuations in product quality.

We take care of any questions that arise relating to any kind of cleaning requirements, be it in the operational process or in the surface pretreatment before coating, corrosion protection and rust removal from the goods delivery to the finished product.

About Us

Since 1997 ExTrade has been the master distributor for Simple Green products on all German-speaking markets. With a steadily growing group of resellers and consultants, we open up the industrial user market for the chemical company Sunshine Makers Inc., known in the USA as an “environmental leader”.

The products are sold worldwide under the brand name “Simple Green”. Thanks to the special product formula and the excellent, environmentally and material-friendly properties, as well as the extraordinary cleaning effect, Simple Green products can be used in an wide range of applications.

Over the years we have been able to offer numerous customers alternative, modern and environmentally friendly problem solutions to comply with the stricter legislation (VOC ordinance, hazardous substances ordinance, etc.).

That is why today, in addition to the classic fields of commercial and industrial cleaning applications, from food technology to heavy industry, application solutions for the entire range of process-related and process-integrated cleaning technology are among our main areas of service.

In close cooperation with specialized engineers and plant builders, we can successfully and reliably implement our solution concepts, which are often described as unusual, for a wide range of tasks from the areas of “parts cleaning” and “surface pretreatment before coating”.

In the future, too, we will adapt our range of products and services to the requirements of our existing and potential customers and continuously expand them. We will inform you comprehensively about these changes on our homepage.

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+49 (0) 2243 911 280

E-Mail: alfred.trapp@extrade.de

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