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Fleece Cloths

3.4L dispenser bucket with lid - empty

Handy dispenser bucket, can be used with the 90-sheet cleaning cloth roll. Can be soaked in Simple Green cleaners for a wide variety of uses. Always have the cleaner to hand without having to handle a spray bottle.

3.4L bucket – reusable
tightly fitting lid prevents evaporation
easy removal through large dispenser opening with cover cap
Detergent or disinfectant solution freely selectable
Washable up to 60 ° C in the dishwasher

NOTE: No fleece roll included, just the dispenser bucket.

Fleece roll for 3.4L dispenser bucket

Universal wipe made of viscose fleece for dispenser buckets
Ideal for removing dirt, oil, silicone, paints, etc.

90 sheets
29 x 30 cm, white, 50 g / m2
folded to 15 cm
Made of viscose fleece, 100% PET

NOTE: No bucket included, just the fleece roll.

Classic Fleece cloth white

Pre-cut non-woven cloth in a bag. Can be used with or without detergent.

30 wipes, cut, in a bag
Sheet size: 28 x 36 cm, white 65 g / m²
Can be used wet and dry
tear-resistant, highly absorbent, lint-free, for sensitive surfaces
solvent resistant

For general cleaning in vehicle / automobile construction, printing, industrial operations, the food sector, kitchens, sanitary facilities, mobile field service, etc.

Mechanic fleece cloth blue

– 150 wipes cut in a dispenser box
– Sheet size: 29 x 38 cm, blue 70 g / m?
– VIS / PET, 55/45
– Can be used wet and dry
– tear-proof, highly absorbent, lint-free, for sensitive surfaces
– solvent resistant

Industry, paint shop, vehicle technology, printing, sterile room,
Gear and tool construction.

Wipe / polishing cloth large role

Large wiping and polishing cloth made of 100% viscose fleece. Tear-proof and lint-free, can be used for all surfaces. The patented surface structure makes it possible to absorb a lot of dirt and the cloth structure can absorb large amounts of liquids. Ideal for maintenance and repair work on machines, vehicles and other surfaces. Also very popular for use on aircraft (MRO operations) and for partial cleaning in the hangar at critical points (wing edges, aircraft nose, belly, etc.) and in shipping, motor sports and sailing.

Lint free
Can be used for polishing
Patented surface structure, high dirt and liquid absorption
Tear-resistant, extremely tear-resistant even when wet
Can be wrung out wet and used several times
Picks up dirt instead of smearing it
Cleaning performance is far superior to paper rolls with lower consumption
500 sheet roll
approx. 70 g / m²
on cardboard tube (5cm diameter)
Dimensions per sheet: width 29cm, length 37cm
Total diameter of the roll: 27cm

Fits all typical unwinding devices for a roll width of 29cm