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Rust Revenge - Liquid rust remover

NEW acid-free, pH-neutral, water-based formulation for effortless rust removal.
Rust Revenge® is a powerful, water-based rust removal solution that provides a safe, workplace-friendly remedy for common rust problems in the metalworking industries.
Thanks to this odorless and acid-free, reusable solution, processes such as blasting, grinding or the use of aggressive caustic agents and chemicals are unnecessary. The neutral pH formulation binds and removes rust, but does not affect metal compositions, coatings or non-oxide paint coatings.

• Proven chemical corrosion inhibitor
• Water based
• pH-neutral – no special handling required
• Safe to use on various surfaces
• Removes rust in just 5 minutes
• Reusable – one gallon (3.78 liters) removes rust from approx. 136 kg of steel or approx. 9 kg of drying grate
• No volatile organic compounds or dangerous air pollutants, acids or bases – environmentally safe
• Corrosion-resistant and non-flammable
• Compatible with VCI papers, foils and emitters.


• 1 gallon (3.78 liters) removes rust from up to 150 pounds of moderately rusted steel.
• For use in metalworking, automotive, heavy equipment, and the military
• Engines, turbines, boat parts, tools, paint preparation
• Manufacturing, construction, shipyards, machine shops

• Rust Revenge is ready to use; no dilution is required.
• Pre-clean components to remove oil and dirt. Rinse components and submerge completely in Rust Revenge. Can be used in dipping tanks and pressure washers.
• Review progress periodically. Works best when the solution is at 15 ° C or more. Soaking time varies depending on the degree of rust. Light surface rust takes 5-30 minutes, moderate rust up to 4 hours, and heavily rusted parts may need to be soaked in the solution overnight.
• Prepare the surface for coatings: with the rust removed, rinse the parts with soap and water, dry them, and apply the coating according to the manufacturer’s instructions.