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Highpressure Accessories

High pressure accessories (no high pressure devices)

In response to numerous customer requests, we have expanded our activities and advice on product selection to include high-quality, yet inexpensive high-pressure technology as an extension of existing HD devices.

The special trait is that these accessories can be procured and used independently of the manufacturer. It does not matter whether you want to expand existing high-pressure devices with it, improve the equipment or replace defective parts. The acquired extensions, lances, etc. can be connected to all standard professional HD devices with the help of many available adapters and thus combined with the original technology. If you exchange a HD device or change the manufacturer, the parts / hoses and lances you have purchased can still be used on the new HD devices by exchanging the adapters.

With the range of over 20,000 parts, additional devices and equipment for many different industries, hardly anything is left to be desired.

We are happy to help you with the selection and adaptation to your existing technology.