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ExT Citro2000 - Foam Cleaner

– Powerful and economical concentrate
– Generates firm and well-adhering foam
– economical concentrate
– User friendly
– Suitable for entry in oil separators
– Can be used on all waterproof surfaces
– Suitable for high pressure cleaners
Citro2000 is a concentrated cleaner whose special surfactants enable a particularly firm and well-adhering foam. Citro2000 can be used for pre-foaming the surfaces as well as for normal cleaning with a cloth and brush, or in a high-pressure cleaner. The user-friendly and material-friendly formulation enables use on all waterproof surfaces and problem-free use in high-pressure cleaners, as no sensitive materials such as rubber or plastic are damaged.Due to its outstanding oil and grease dissolving properties, Citro2000 is also ideally suited for workshop and maintenance use in vehicle, agricultural and machine technology

Citro2000 has proven itself as a foam cleaner in the HD application on vehicles, machines and components in industrial production. Since Citro2000 can be used both as a pre-rinse solution and for normal cleaning, the cleaner fulfills the task of two products at once and simplifies cleaning at washing areas with a connected oil separator. Depending on the degree of soiling, Citro2000 can be used in a dilution of 1: 5 up to 1: 200. Hot water intensifies the effect and speeds up the cleaning process. Pre-sprayed cleaning solution should work for 1-5 minutes before rinsing off. In HD devices, a dosage of 1-5% is sufficient. The pre-rinse solution should be between 5% and 20%. For parts cleaning systems between 2% and 10%.

Material compatibility
Citro 2000 can be used without problems on homogeneous, closed surfaces such as metal, PE, PP, PVC, vinyl, PU, ​​polyester, epoxy, linoleum, sealed wood, porcelain, glass, ceramics and glazed clay tiles.
Smooth, porous surfaces such as marble, limestone, granite, sandstone, porphyry, slate, clinker, clay slabs or concrete can also be cleaned. Unsealed wood and textile coverings made of wool, coconut, sisal or velor can also be cleaned with reservations and only after a compatibility test.