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Fine cleaning

Laboratory and pharma

Especially in laboratory and pharmaceutical applications, it is important that cleaning agents and dirt can be rinsed off with water without leaving any residue. In the production of pharmaceutical products and in laboratories, therefore, particularly high demands are placed on a cleaner. The cleaning performance must be excellent, only minimal residues may remain (HPLC & GC detection <10ppm) and the cleaner must not have any harmful effects if it comes into contact with animals. Crystal Simple Green meets these requirements and does even more. When cleaning cages, plastic boxes or laboratory goods (flasks, bottles, etc.), dirt and biofilms are cleaned off efficiently so that they look like new after the subsequent disinfection.

Food processing

Crystal Simple Green is listed by NSF International as a cleaner for use in food production. It is ideal for cleaning surfaces and machines on and in which food is processed. In doing so, grease, dirt and dried-on residues are gently removed from the surface. Subsequent rinsing with water rinses off the cleaner without leaving any residue. Crystal Simple Green is also the ideal cleaner for large kitchens, because not only general cleaning applications are easy to do. Even more difficult tasks, such as routine cleaning of cooker hoods, work flawlessly with Crystal Simple Green.

Gas / oxygen technology

When cleaning components for gas and oxygen systems, great importance is attached to residue-free cleaning. The cleaner should not leave any residues that would remain in the pipe system. For Crystal Simple Green, HPLC and GC detection test methods can show that when properly rinsed with water, only 10ppm (parts per million) of the cleaner can be detected. In addition, Crystal Simple Green efficiently removes dirt, oils and preservatives without even using sensitive materials such as Damage rubber and seals.