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Simple Green products


Aircraft cleaner and highly effective degreaser

Pure cleaning performance with a new formulation without corrosive ingredients

Bundeswehr approval as a cleaner for aircraft surfaces / independent of type
Stock number 6850-12-409-6716 (also NSN = NATO Stock Number)


• Fulfills a large number of test specifications for applications on aircraft, including the “Boeing Spec for General Aircraft Cleaning”
• High dirt-carrying capacity, very good grease penetration and residue-free rinsing guarantee fast, effective and high-precision cleaning processes
• The non-corrosive formulation is safe for applications on aluminum, carbon, special alloys, structural metals, paints, protective coatings and more
• Does not oxidize coatings and paints and does not cause rust in the solution, and plastic is not attacked either
• The non-flammable formulation is free of petroleum distillates, easily biodegradable and is a safe alternative to aggressive cleaning products
• Suitable for entry in oil separators (DEKRA tested)
• The flushing solution does not require any special water treatment
• Extreme Simple Green cleaner is a concentrate that can be used both in manual applications, with cleaning equipment and in cleaning systems


• In addition to the aviation industry, the main areas of application are industrial parts cleaning and professional surface pretreatment before industrial painting, use in the washing cycle or with any other common type of cleaning
• Also widely used in the oil and gas industry, mining, energy industry, automotive industry, vehicle technology, shipbuilding, plant construction, mechanical engineering, and many more.
• Penetrates greasy dirt, soot deposits and oils on aircraft, technical devices, engines, engines, machines, vehicles, wind turbines and much more
• Cleans and maintains construction metals, nozzles, seals and coatings without damaging them or causing oxygen corrosion or rust
• The formulation ensures residue-free rinsing and is therefore perfectly suitable for cleaning before painting, powdering, electroplating or welding and leaves a surface that creates the optimal conditions for waxing, preserving and final assembly of parts and much more
• Extreme Simple Green Concentrate is available in different container sizes and can be easily diluted for different applications and the use of equipment.
These are e.g. manual use, immersion cleaning, high-pressure cleaners, parts washers, automatic conveyor systems, floor cleaning machines, spray extraction devices and foam applications.

EXTREME SIMPLE GREEN® meets the requirements of the following test specifications:

• Boeing D6-17487 rev.P at neat & 10%: Sandwich Corrosion; Acrylic crazing; Paint softening; Hydrogen Embrittlement
• AMS 1526 Cleaner for Aircraft Exterior Surfaces
• ASTM F 945 Stress Corrosion at a 1: 5 dilution ratio
• ARP 1755B Stock Loss at a 1: 5 dilution ratio
• AMS 1550B cleaner for interior materials of aircraft, biodegradable, water-based neat and at a 1: 5 dilution ratio
• AMS 1630C Cleaner, Carpet, Shampoo Type neat and at a 1: 5 dilution ratio
• Approval for the German armed forces under supply number 6850-12-409-6716 (NSN) in the TL6850-0015 as a cleaner for aircraft surfaces. (For aircraft of all types and manufacturers)


Industrial cleaners and degreasers
Powerful cleaner and degreaser for commercial and industrial use, without dyes, fragrances or preservatives.
Special properties

• NSF registers A1, A2, A4, A8, B1, C1
• Stock number 7930-01-418-1153 (5 Gal), 7930-01-418-1155 (55 Gal) (also NSN = NATO Stock Number)
• Easily biodegradable formulation
• No color or fragrance
• As a non-flammable and non-corrosive cleaner, the safe alternative to alkaline cleaners and solvents
• Cost-effective concentrate for cleaning by hand or with mechanical assistance
• Clean, rinsable formulation (less than 10ppm residue) that meets the requirements of “Good Manufacturing Practice” quality control


• According to NSF registration, suitable as a cleaner for use in food processing, in kitchens and smoking cabinets, on floors and walls as well as for appliances and laundry
• Ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, maintenance and repair, food processing, commercial kitchens, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics and many more
• Powerful cleaner for removing grease, oil, dirt and dry residues from devices, machines and parts
• The concentrate can be diluted in different ways and thus adapted to each application (e.g. also for use in automatic scrub suction machines, immersion cleaners, carpet cleaners, high-pressure cleaners, parts cleaners, foam devices, etc.)
• Can be rinsed off the surface without leaving any residue and is therefore ideally suited for cleaning before coating or for painting and varnishing work
• Powerful at removing dirt, yet gentle enough for regular use in the maintenance of machines, devices and floor surfaces.


Concentrated cleaner & degreaser
The powerful, economical and safe solution for cleaning and degreasing
Special properties

• Stock number 7930-01-342-5316 (5 Gal), 7930-01-342-4145 (55 Gal) (also NSN = NATO Stock Number)
• Easily biodegradable formulation
• Non-flammable, non-abrasive, non-corrosive
• A safe alternative to dangerous cleaning agents and solvents
• Versatile formulation for cleaning and degreasing all washable surfaces
• Cost-effective concentrate for use by hand, with accessories or in machines
• Free of phosphates
• Pleasant Sassafras scent


• Ideal for commercial and industrial use, for example in the production of food or the cleaning of retail environments, in the maintenance and repair of machines, vehicle production and many other cleaning tasks
• Infiltrates fats, oils, cutting agents, accumulated layers of dirt and residues on machines, engines, technical equipment, vehicles or production parts.
• Cleans and deodorises, removes food residues, oils and fats from counters, appliances, grills, air vents and hoods, drains or rubbish bins
• Also suitable for pre-cleaning and degreasing before painting
• The concentrate can be easily and economically diluted for various applications in offices, kitchens, break rooms and floor areas as well as for building maintenance.
• Suitable for use in cleaning devices such as automatic scrubbing / vacuuming machines, carpet cleaners, high-pressure cleaners or foam devices
• Powerful enough to remove several layers of dirt, but at the same time gentle enough for regular use in the maintenance of in-house traffic areas