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We have been informed by our long-term supplier that Evapo-Rust is unfortunately no longer available for Europe. At the same time he introduced a successor product called Rust Revenge in Europe, which, just like its predecessor, is a pH-neutral, label-free rust remover / immersion deruster.

Rust Revenge is now available from us.


– pH neutral / acid free
– VOC / HAP free
– Does not attack healthy material
– No labeling
– Not corrosive
– biodegradable
– For diving use
– Performance can be enhanced by bath circulation, heating and / or ultrasound

Evapo-Rust is a non-hazardous, pH-neutral rust remover whose award-winning effectiveness is based on the use of chelating agents. Since these chelating agents specifically and selectively attack iron oxides and bring them into solution, substrate degradation does not occur. Evapo-Rust does not damage ferrous metals, copper, brass, aluminum, plastics, rubber, wood or vinyl. Paint, chrome or other non-oxide coatings are also not attacked. Light and medium-sized rusting is removed quickly and gently from the surface, with stronger rusting Evapo-Rust can also be used over longer periods of time (e.g. overnight). Through circulation or ultrasound, filter levels and temperatures of 50 ° C – 60 ° C, the effectiveness and bath life can be significantly improved.

Loose rust particles, rust layers and dirt can easily be removed from the surface with a high-pressure cleaner and Extreme Simple Green (or a similar surfactant-based cleaner), or by hand with a brush and a cloth.

Dip the entire part in Evapo-Rust and check the progress regularly. Works when the solution has a temperature of at least 15 ° C. The optimum effect is achieved at temperatures of 50 – 60 ° C. Immersion time varies depending on the degree of rust. Light surface rust takes about 5-30 minutes, moderate rust up to 4 hours, and heavily rusted parts may require overnight immersion. If you then wash and dry the part with Extreme Simple Green (or a similar surfactant-based cleaner), it’s ready to be coated.

When used with Evapo-Rust, the material can take on a slightly darker shade than the rest of the material after derusting. This phenomenon, known as carbon migration, has no effect besides the change in color. The effectiveness of Evapo-Rust decreases with the amount of dissolved iron oxide. The color of the liquid changes from yellowish to dark brown to almost black.